Gelo di melone

Gelo di melone

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"Gelo di melone is a bonkers, and bonkersly wonderful, Sicilian dessert. It is a kind of jelly of watermelon, and I’m not sure if the ‘gelo’ refers to the gel texture, or the jasmine (gelsomino) which perfumes the dish. In any event it is light, delicate and fragrant, and served with a scattering of chopped dark chocolate and green Bronte pistachios – which offer contrast in texture, and flavour. You can taste Moorish influences on Sicily clearly here."  Jacob Kenedy

You will be provided with all the necessary ingredients to complete this dish for 2 persons. It will have 2 steps which are detailed on a recipe card, a youtube video, and a group Zoom cook-along.

Allergens/Dietary - All packs of this dish contain nuts. The gelo is set with cornflour and is suitable for vegans (contains no gelatine). All ingredients are essential and cannot be substituted. All packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. 

You will need:
- Plates

Your pack serves 2, and contains:

  1. 2 portions of gelo di melone
  2. Chopped chocolate and pistachios